Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad day at the office

I decided to take this post down. It served it's purpose last night, but today is a new day!

However, Steve made this point which I think is worth keeping:

'We need to train the whole world that, 'Hello how are you?' is a fine question to anybody, whether or not you know they have been ill and regardless of what sort of ill they've been.'

PS when the radio alarm went of at 6.30 this morning, what was playing? 'The only Way is Up' - Yazz and the Plastic Population. Honestly! How about that then


Anonymous said...

Wow can't believe that you had already blogged before I saw you at 8.15am! Thats what I call dedication to your readers.
By the way - good decision.

Nancy Mon said...

Putting that post up was such a brave thing to do. Thank you for being that vulnerable. It is good too, to know when to take it down because it has served the cathardic purpose. Only those who have walked the path know of what you wrote about.

Cosmo said...

Hey Ali,

Totally unrelated:

We had a curry last night.

Nothing happened.

Ali said...


maybe it wasn't spicy enough?

try rubbing the spot just below the ankle bone at the side of the foot. I have a friend who had three and she swore by that method