Saturday, April 26, 2008


The girls attended cheerleading classes today. Well, only one took part, but the other had to watch for 'moral support'.

So now Dolly is a signed-up member of the Junior 'G Crew', official cheerleading squad to the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey team. We don't even like ice hockey.

And of course, she has to practice, hence the new blog music. If you have to have the sound on, I advise the use of earplugs. Industrial strength ones if you have access to them.


Nancy Mon said...

Ali, Loved Come Thou Fount but Mickey...since I seem to be in the 80's muscially, this was especially good to hear this afternoon. I was going to say something using the Spartan cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live, but how can I now that I have heard a fun, fun song with lots of good memories. Thanks you!

Ali said...


please note that you are a (very) lone voice of approval over this!!