Monday, February 18, 2008

What have I done

As you probably know, I work as a substitute teacher. In other words, if the regular teacher is off work because they are at a training day, ill or just fancy a sickie (Pluto), then I come in and teach the classes.

I taught for 17 years full-time in a school for 11-18 year olds, although laterally I was involved mostly with post-16 courses. Since I started subbing, I have been employed exclusively by special schools for children with moderate learning difficulties aged 11-16.

Tomorrow I have agreed to do a days work in a primary school. Teaching P1s (over here thats 4 year olds)

Now, I don't own a four year old, so in order to prepare myself for the event I did a bit of research amongst friends and neighbours that do. I needed to find out important facts like can they read (not much), can they write (just scribbles), can they do complicated algebra (you're having a laugh ... ) and most importantly, can they go to the toilet and all that stuff by themselves.

Then I texted a friend who used to be a primary school teacher. She's due to start chemotherapy tomorrow and I wanted to wish her well, as well as give her a laugh at my impending predicament. She sent me one back saying she wasn't too sure which of the two of us were going to have the worse day, but she reckoned it would probably be me. Thanks pal ;-)

Please Lord, don't let anyone poop or pee their pants in my class tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Dana and Nancy's Monablog....and you are such a brave soul - teaching those babies! Hope no one had a pee pee accident! LOL

Pluto said...

You're very fortunate if you only get a poop or a pee (from the kids, I mean)

Ali said...

Hi Kelly, nice to see you :-)

Pluto, you're not wrong!! :-s

Dana said...

Oh Ali, there is a special place reserved in Heaven for you...

I cannot teach children, they see me coming and I am done for. The little ones are even worse.

I tried to teach Sunday school to ages 4 - 6 for all of two Sundays and I almost lost my salvation.