Friday, February 22, 2008

Miserable Part 2

I'm sat here with a tissue stuffed up each nostril again. It's not even a fortnight since I shifted the last dose of the cold and here I am again, feeling pretty miserable and extremely sorry for myself :-(

Even the thought of the English being hammered by the French in the Six Nations tomorrow doesn't really cheer me up!

The investing types should investigate shares in Kleenex.


Dana said...

Poor Ali,that's gotta stink!

Hope you feel better when the French actually do hammer the English...


Cosmo said...

Sorry you're not well. Hope you feel better soon.

As an Englishman living and raising a family in Ireland I have tried my best to let go of a bias towards Englishness. When Ireland play England I now happily cheer the boys in green. However, when it comes to England playing France there is no way I could cheer Le Bleu.

By the way, regarding your recent comment on my blog I'm afraid I would rather drink a bad tasting coffee with no milk than watch HSM...on ice!

Nancy Mon said...

Ali, I love Dana's comment...that's got to stink...cause how would you know with tissues stuffed up your nose?

Get to feeling better. No need to go through round 2 of this junk.

Ali said...

Thanks all, feeling a little better today - at least I don't have to walk round with tissues up my nose!

ready for a day jam-packed full of rugby: Allez les Blues!

zuzzy said...

Aw shame, looks like we got lucky again. Would have gladly given it up for a Newcastle victory with a round ball though.

Pluto said...

Don't you just hate man flu!