Friday, January 18, 2008

My life is trickling down my nostrils and dripping off the end of my nose

Indeed, I think I might have man-flu. Yes, it's that bad. And if I knew which bl%dy man had given me it this week of all weeks, I'd kill him.


Nancy Mon said...

Get to feeling better. I had the flu, had all the junk that goes with it except for the conjestion. I think Dana is not feeling well either. The junk is going around, all over the world.

Dana said...

Oh Ali, I feel your pain. And your congestion. And your cough and fever and so on.

Praying for you to feel better soon!

Pluto said...

Having suffered from man-flu myself, you have my sympathy - tee hee ;)

Ali said...

Thanks all for your concern (and laughter)

It's changed from full blown man-flu to a mere upper respiratory tract infection now ;-)