Saturday, October 27, 2007

Skipping Christmas

I know it's a bit early to be discussing Christmas, especially as we only carved out our halloween pumpkin this afternoon, but ...

This is a little Book Circle and Pudding Club exclusive. I get to choose the book for December, but I tell the others my choice at the November meeting next week. That's to give time to order a copy of the book into our respective local libraries.

I'd been giving the matter some thought and had even browsed through a couple of books, but tonight I came up with the answer.

I had a pretty busy today between one thing and another, and, when his sister went to bed, my son went downstairs, got a DVD and some crisps and set up for him and I to watch a movie. He chose 'Christmas with the Kranks.'

To be honest, I think I picked that movie up free with a load of Christmas shopping last year. However, its an inoffensive story about Christmas with some slapstick moments thrown in and the kids love it, so we watched the first half tonight before he went to bed.

If you're not familiar with the movie, you might recognise the book it's based on. It's a very out of character book by well known writer of legal drama, John Grisham called 'Skipping Christmas'.

I've seen the movie several times (too many times!) and although I gave a copy of it to my brother for Christmas many moons ago, I've not actually read the book. So, I think that will have to be my book for December.


Cosmo said...

Skipping Christmas is a great little book and soooo much better than the movie.

A good choice for a book club that should bring up issues of consumerism, generosity, tradition, family, best-laid-plans...and Christmas!

Nancy Mon said...

Hi, I found you through Ventage, well Dana is how I know her. Anyway, I don't think you will be disappointed in the book Skipping Christmas.

I belong to a book club and the choices of books we are reading takes me out of my regular reading routine and I love that. My reading time is so limited right now and my choices will be Southern ficion, anything written by a Southern writer...oh, that would be in the Southern part of the USA or books on the Christian life.

I've enjoyed reading through your blog.

Ali said...

Thanks both for your feedback (welcome Nancy!)

Looks like thats a decision made then :-)

Dana said...

Yay! Nancy found you...she is great fun and one of the most amazing women I know...

I've never read it, but since it has come so highly recommended, I think I will soon.