Sunday, October 14, 2007

I actually watch rugby for the rugby. Sometimes there happens to be a by-product.

A couple of years ago, the boys at Ulster Rugby did a calendar to raise money for the 'Men Against Cancer' charity. 15 pages (yes, I know there are only 12 months in the year, but so popular was the idea with the boys that they all wanted to be in it, so they threw in a couple of extra shots for good value!) of scantily clad, toned male bodies, very tastefully photographed. If I remember correctly, May was a very good month, as was November! There are Ulster rugby fans who read this blog (anonymously) who could keep me right on that if they feel brave enough.

Anyway, the calendar was probably the most successful thing Ulster Rugby did that season!

During the course of that same year, I had occasion to travel to Paris for an away match against Stade Francais. And lo and behold ... when I got there it turns out that the boys at Stade had had the exact same idea! What better present to bring home for friends and work colleagues, so I bought a couple.

Two things:
1) I was very popular in the staffroom that term
2) I should have realised when they came vacuum wrapped

So, if you're stuck for a wee stocking filler for the wife this Christmas, I can tell you that the new Stade calendar for 2008 is now available.
Not for the faint hearted
Pluto, you have been warned!

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Ali said...

It seems the Stade link on this post has proved quite popular. Just had the traffic report for my site this week, complete with 'out-clicks'.

Hmmmm ... a few return visitors too. Might have converted a few people to rugby ;-)