Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out for a dander

With the good weather and longer days, I had an urge this week to start walking again. So today, during the dry bits, I decided I should strike while the iron was hot and go walking.

So I have just completed my first walk and am able to report that I was only overtaken by a jogger, a man on a bicycle, two children on scooters and a woman riding a mobility scooter. Who I swore gave me the finger.

From my newly installed pedometer app, I have learnt that in 41 minutes I walked 2.423 km at an average speed of 3.55km/h. Is that good, I have no idea, but it was all up and down hills. Big hills.

I also burnt off 103 calories which I thought was brilliant until I discovered that a packet of crisps has 133 calories in it, so the cream bun and latte I promised myself the whole way round the circuit sort of defeats the purpose.

Reading back over those stats, I'm actually wondering does this pedometer app work, it seems ridiculous that I can expend all that energy and feel as knackered as I do and not even have worked off a single solitary packet of Tayto cheese and onion!