Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year Appeal 2011

Dry taps, thirsty children, smelly arm pits and sick pensioners? Just £4 a day can help to go towards a taxi to Avoniel or Shankill Leisure Centres.

People in Belfast have to walk for almost 10 minutes to get water and they have to carry it themselves - this is almost like work!

many women on the way to Avoniel have been complaining about how cold it is in their pyjamas while they are queueing up. Your £4 will go towards proper trousers, fake ugg boots or 10 Lambert & Butler for those who have been queueing for more than an hour.

Please sponsor a person from Belfast today and you can make a difference.

For more information go to www.we'vesodall2drink.com as the NI Water website is frozen

Happy New Year.

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