Saturday, December 11, 2010

Laid aside in a bed of sickness

Not me thankfully, but the two children. Both of them. Two very high temperatures and a bout of puking.

It started overnight when Dolly had to be collected from a sleepover in the wee small hours after becoming ill at her friends house. She was no better this morning and son woke up with a roaring temperature.

So today has been declared a jammie day and to be fair the only reason I'm blogging is because Ulster are currently playing Bath in the Heineken cup and in the absence of a 'red button' I am watching in the traditional way, online with 'Gusher' Neilly with a naked picture of Olly Barkley in front of me.

It appears we are playing all the rugby but are still getting hammered. How does that happen?

Half time. 13-15. I'm off to distribute lucozade to the troops. If I was at Ravers, I'd probably give them all a much needed slug too.

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