Friday, December 17, 2010

The good news is...

...the team are in Bath. Yeah!

The rest of the news is that there is no news. Well OK, there's a little bit of news in that I have managed to find a man to share a taxi to Bath from Bristol with. If we get to Bristol.

Aldergrove is still closed, all flights today were cancelled. There is no news about tomorrow available yet, apart from a weather forecast of more snow overnight and freezing fog in the morning. It's difficult to put positive spin on that.

Moreover, SleasyJet have issued a directive that says there is due to be 10cm of snow at Bristol airport between midnight tonight and 6:00am tomorrow, and to check with the airport if you intend to travel through it tomorrow.

In other news, should the pitch at 'the Rec' be deemed unplayable, the match will be rescheduled to Llanelli on Sunday. Yeah! Thanks to a late (or possibly delayed or even cancelled) return flight on Sunday night, I can do this.

However, BBC are reporting the major concern is not the state of the pitch but the state of the spectator areas, and if they are deemed unsafe, the match will be played behind closed doors.

I love these pre-Christmas fixtures; never a dull moment, always an adventure.

Continue to watch this space...

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