Friday, November 26, 2010


OK, what's going on here?

Is this bloke a world class idiot, who stole the money, left it on his car roof and drove off, only to call the police later and say he'd lost the (stolen) money? Or is he just a regular idiot who put £80,000 on the roof of his car and forgot about it?

And, just as a point of order BBC, should that last quote not read ' Essex Police have seized evidence' as opposed to 'has seized evidence'?

Rant over. You can all continue what you were doing...

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Wils said...

Not that I would presume to speak on behalf of the BBC.... (much)... and correct me if I'm wrong (often), but doesn't it depend on whether or not the Essex bit is a noun or an adjective? If it's part of the name ... then we're talking about one police force, in which case it "has" ... but if it's a description of where the plods hunt (Essex), then they "have"... or am I talking up the proverbial spout?

That said, standards is slipping and the goverment are continuously being reminded. (Three errors....)

I'm now going off to look at bellybutton fluff under a microscope.