Thursday, October 07, 2010

You're having a laugh

Our shower broke on the 23rd September We called for an engineer to come out and fix it. He eventually arrived last Thursday. But he didn't have the part.

"I'll be back on Monday" he said.

He arrived this morning at 8:45. No, that's not right. A completely different engineer arrived at 8:45 this morning. Which is why I got a phonecall at 8:47 from him asking my what was he suppposed to be fixing.

Frankly, if I'd known the answer to that question I wouldn't have felt the need to have either him or his mate last week in my house. "Don't you know?" I ask in disbelief. "No", comes the reply. "I tell you what," I say. "Are you holding a part in your hand right now?" "Yes" he says. "OK, great. Why don't you start by replacing that then."

Sometimes, just sometimes there are obvious clues to the answers of our problems.

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