Sunday, September 12, 2010

Four sharps, three flats and no practice CD

I was invited to join a singing chorale. Ohhhh yes!

So I went along last week and created a bit of a stir because they thought they had a new soprano. Ohhhh no!

The chorale are preparing for the Christmas season when they have a concert lined up in a local stately home which my mother and her friend thought they would turn up at, until I told them the tickets were £25 each. I had then to administer the Heimlich manoeuver as they choked on their respective coffees.

Anyway, I attended the first practice last week and they learnt five, thats five, new pieces. Of which I had previous knowledge of none, that's not a one of them. To which my mother said when I told her 'don't be silly Alison...' (cross, use of full title) ' sang in choirs at Christmas for years, how can you not know any of them??'

Well. There you go, it's my own personal sort of nightmare at Christmas, which just gets worse when you consider: no practice CD! So tonight, in preparation for tomorrow nights rehearsal, I was doing my best Les Dawson impersonation banging out my harmony line on the piano whilst negotiating four sharps, then three flats and no less than five key changes.

Please God, let there be something tomorrow night that I at least recognise the tune of.

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