Monday, August 16, 2010

Lose the belly

Tonight I embarked on a regime to get rid of a wee jelly belly I am cultivating. Too many packets of crisps and the fact I never did any pelvis floor exercise starting to catch up with me.

Oh, and middle age.

So I downloaded the 'Lose the belly' app and set to with the exercises.

The first one required me to lie on the floor, which was hard enough in itself, with my knees above my hips, my hands behind my head and then simultaneously lift my hips and shoulders so that my spine was smiling.

I was 30 seconds behind before this woman even started her set because I had to negotiate getting my knees above my hips and out of the more comfortable position they favour above my boobs.

And, I tell you now, my spine was anything but smiling!

And then the sadist on the video clip says to do 25 repetitions. Twenty five!! At which point I am laughing so hard and so loud that children start to appear to see what is happening. 'When you have completed your 25 (that's twenty five) repetitions', she says 'you can lie down and have a drink'.

Yeah, I'll have a Bushmills, and make it a double.

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