Monday, March 01, 2010

Let there be light

Dad was telling me today of how he had occasion to use a disabled toilet in the hospital. He couldn't find the light pull so concluded that the light would go on automatically when he shut the toilet door. It didn't.

Mum takes up the story. Apparently the door opened and closed, opened and closed, opened and closed as dad tried to make the non-existent automatic light work. Each time this happened she snuck further and further into the corner of the room, in a kink of laughter but hoping no one else was noticing dad's hokey cokey moment.

I had a similar experience in a toilet in a dentists in Bristol. Again, no apparent light pull, and the only thing that glowed when the door was shut was a dark blue emergency light. It took five minutes for my eyes to acclimatise to even be able to see the toilet, never mind use it. People stopped just short of sending in an emergency crew to excavate me.

Turns out these days the light switches are on the outside. A decision obviously made by an ex schoolboy prankster. Should you come across such a facility, I advise you also watch out for cling film over the bowl.

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