Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 days to go

I started covering a maternity leave on 20th April last year and it's just now entering the death throes. Maternity leave? Eternity leave! I mind the days when you got 18 weeks and were delighted you didn't have to cope with just 12!

And so, three days to go and then I will not have a clue what to do with myself. How blissful is that?

When I resigned my job a little over four years ago I asked myself what would I do? Help my son become a genius, make soup, read novels, knit, go geocaching, take walks, read more, volunteer, clean my house, take up Irish dancing, look for a new job, blog...??

Well, I've done as well as I can with the genius, made a hell of a lot of soup, read the odd book or twenty, knit half a hat for a premature baby (who is now 18 years old!!) gone geocaching, not really walked too much, read more, got a cleaner to clean my house, taken up Irish dancing and retired again through injury, not bothered with the job and blogged incessantly.

What could I possibly do next?


Wils said...

Whatever... just keep up the bloggin', pudding making and reading. A few music sessions with the instruments wouldn't go amiss too some night if you're game!

Ali said...

Always game for that :-)