Thursday, December 24, 2009


Baby Jesus is the reason
We celebrate the Christmas season
He was born in Bethlehem
And visited by three wise men
Angels sang from up on high
And a very bright star was in the sky
Shepherds also came to call
To see him lying in the stall

Michael, 2007


Anonymous said...

well done Michael :) I've joined photoblog in readiness for my photo project 365 Are you publishing your photo aday on blogger? I will be using both blogger and photoblog. Happy Christmas, Judyx

Anonymous said...

I wish you merry Christmas, Ali!
Greetings from Vienna

Ali said...

Thank you Brigette :-) and the same to you and your family.

Judith, I have set up another blog:
but something is wrong with either me or blogger and I cannot as yet make a link to it.

When I work out the problem, I'll add a link to wherever you and Gary are posting your pics