Sunday, December 27, 2009

365 photo project

Last call for people to take part in this adventure! One photo a day
for a year. Snaps will do. Create a photo diary for 2010. Doesn't
that sound fun? Sign up now!

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Judith said...

Hi Ali thanks for the link to my photoblog BUT can you change it to as I will use the 365-2010 site to post my photo and from there will link it to my photoblog? hope that all makes sense? thanks, Judy

Ali said...

Fixed that for you Judy :-) Looking good, being the nosey person I am, I can't wait either!!

Do you have anyone else taking part to add to the bloglist?

Nancy Mon said...

Knowing me, I will begin and not complete the project. So I won't be taking part this year. It does sound like a lot of fun.

Gary said...

Nancy, you could always start and see how you get on... No pressure to finish it!

Ali, my blog is to be found at:

Have you any ideas lined up for the first week? Perhaps as time goes on we can come up with special theme weeks to help with the ideas for photos?

Wils said...

oh go on then... as long as there's a get out clause for those of us with more willing than wit who're likely to wilt half way if not sooner.... And as long as I don't have to actually post it every day... I take it an occasional lapse and upload of a couple at a go is acceptable now and again?

I'll blame it on the 3rd new camera in 3 years - novelty factor or something. (Need to say, I'm not normally this hard on technology, but the replacements are because of genuine faults!!!)

Ali said...

Wils, great to see another potential wilter :-) Will you post on the bored room?

Gary, you keep working on Nancy (although Nancy, I understand where you are coming from completely) and also Cosmo

Also, like the idea of themed weeks, I will need all the help and inspiration going!

Apart from the doubtfuls mentioned, there is only one other person I know of who is maybe in ...

Cosmo said...

Ok, I'm going to give it a go! make life a little easier for me I'm going to only post the photos weekly. I think I can attempt to take a photo each day, but I can't commit to a daily upload!!

Anyway, I'll post them on my Family Blog - probably on Sunday evenings when the mother-in-law phones.

Happy New Year!