Monday, October 26, 2009


Are you old enough??

Somehow managed to come across an episode of this children's classic on TV tonight and watched it with my 10 year old son. Who laughed the whole way through it at how ridiculous and old fashioned it was!

How much about it I had forgotten; not the song about the train - I was able to sing that word for word much to son's bemusement. But things like the men (please note it was strictly only men) who worked in the biscuit factory all clocked off at precisely 6 o'clock when the whistle blew and went for a dance in the open air with women who looked like they had been shipped in from Bavaria especially for the event!!

In this episode there were visitors from other programmes like the soldier boys from Pipin Fort in Camberwick green and Miss Lovelace - the hat maker from Trumpton, with her three dogs Mitzy, Daphne and Lulu.

Worth a google on YouTube if you're the nostalgic type.

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