Monday, September 28, 2009

Read instructions before use

Someone once told me, or I read, or I saw or I heard that you could stuff all the expensive fancy eye creams - the best thing to get rid of big dark baggy rings under your eyes was Preparation H.

I have a few of the expensive (bought for me as gifts) and inexpensive (self-purchsed) eye creams but still look like an extra from the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video, so decided to give the Preparation H a shot.

So I am layering it on and my 'ever-curious-soon-to-be-hormonal-but-already-experimenting-with-mummy's-cosmetics' daughter is watching me and studying the packaging and after a moments deliberation pipes up with 'mummy, why does it say to put it on after you go to the toilet?'

Good question. Who would like to answer??

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