Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nice day for it

We had a bomb scare in town today, about half a mile from where I am currently working. That meant police checkpoints and roads closed and diversions and big traffic tailbacks.

I was sitting in the tailbacks thinking where else but Belfast would you see people move out into the streets to watch a bomb scare? Hairdressers and their customers all standng at the cordon watching the bomb disposal robot approaching the package. Men with pints lounging against the wall watching and chatting with the police at the cordons. Mums with prams and shopping chatting while taking in the goings on. Kids hangning out of windows overlooking the site. And me sitting in the traffic queue with the roof down on the mini.

Of course, if it had been raining, that would have been a completely different story! Wouldn't it be good if it could be like this all the time?? ;-)

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