Wednesday, August 05, 2009


There's a community festival going on round these parts. The kids are
loving signing up to new activities on offer, especially Dolly as
there are no more than three types of dance workshops. After much
deliberation, bollywood dancing was selected from the three.

So I duly took her to the first session last night, fully intending to
drop and go. But would she stay on her own? Would she heck as like!
So it became bollywood dancing for mummies.

Today she was full of me dropping her off and her being on her own, up
until the point we got to the venue when she stuck to me like glue and
it became bollywood for mummies part two.

Now don't get me wrong, it's been great fun but tonight I have to say
I'm completely bollywood bolloxed. How bad can it be? you say. Bad
enough that I physically had to use my two hands to lift my legs into
bed tonight, and whether or not I manage to get them lifted back out
again in the morning is anyones guess. I wouldn't go laying bets...

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