Saturday, July 25, 2009

Star signs

We were watching a TV programme tonight in which there was a discussion about star signs, which prompted the following conversation in the room.

'What star sign am I mummy?' asks Dolly.

Pause for a moment, thinking, then: 'I don't know sweetheart.'

Continue to watch TV when a couple of minutes later son pipes up: 'I know. You're a virgin.'


Dana said...

That's awesome!
In summer camp, when I was a young girl (5, 6 years ago) the camp counselor introduced herself to the camp saying she was born in September. "So was I! We are BOTH virgins!!!" was my excited response. I was quite the laughing stock for the next couple of hours...good thing another girl threw up in front of the entire camp cafeteria shortly after and took the spotlight off me.

Anonymous said...

oh I love it - told it to Nigel and shall be using as a 'funny' with my oldies Thursday night. Kids just say things so innocently. Take care, Judy

Ali said...

you know Judy, there's a Virgin store in town, and I'm looking at the assistants wondering .... Mango, Monsoon ...


Anonymous said...

OMG,that's hysterical!