Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun Monday

It's been a while since I did one of these; busy, busy, busy!

This idea is contributed by mamarehema who is interested to know how people have spent 4th July - American Independence Day.

Being in the States on St Patrick's Day is a favourite of mine (twice in the past two years!) but way, way back in 2001 I attended a conference in Rhode Island and had opportunity to take a bit of a break in Cape Cod before I travelled down.

I was really looking forward to being State-side for the 4th July holiday and seeing all the pomp, ceremony and fireworks up close and personal. But as luck would have it, on the morning of the 4th I woke with a streaming cold.

So off I pop to the local shop and, being a little Irish girl instead of a local, buy myself something that looked like it might help clear all the rotten cold symptoms.

Only it must have been three times as strong as anything we sell over the counter in Ireland, because within an hour I was out for the count, in the sleep of the dead, comatose. And so remained for the rest of the day, completely missing any festivities that may have taken place around me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call Murphy's Law.
Just for the record, we don't have an Independence Day in Belfast. We have'The Twelfth'. 'Nuff said.


Janis said...

Oh my what a shame you had to miss the fireworks, they are such a thrill to see. Thanks for sharing.

Faye said...

Bummer Ali! Don't trust that out of country cure for a cold. As to independence days, unfortunately most countries have one to observe. Or, maybe that should be fortunately.

I'm not on Grace's Fun Monday list, but my post is up if you'd like to see a Kentucky celebration of the 4th.

Mr Gnome said...

Yoo hoo from Mr Gnome!

Please, who is Charles Lawson?

What is this thing about Coronation Street?

Please do enlighten!

(Mr Gnome relishes his visits to Northern Ireland - despite the trauma that preceded his most recent visit.

His idiotic Human took it into his head to take soem shots of Mr G with Birmingham Airport as background.

Security staff noticed the activity and questioned him, obliging him to fess up that he was snapping a Gnome.

We were very close to it being 'next stop Gnometanamo Bay' situation....)

Hootin' Anni said...

I do hope you'll be feeling better soon. And now I will have to go out to Google and read more about the Irish celebration!

My entry for F M is now posted if you feel like dropping by for a visit.

jill said...

that stinks, my post is up!

Sayre said...

Oh, no! How you must have felt when you woke up... hopefully, at least the cold was eased.

Some places do the 4th of July celebrations so well - and you were in one of them. I'm sorry you missed it!

Pamela said...

So.. on you went out with a bang.. hey? ha ha.

Poor dear.

I remember when I was a teenager --- way back then -- and a fellow invited me to go into Green Lake in Seattle where a barge sets off an unimaginable display.

We got a cozy seat on a dark hill - when there was this horrific boom boom boom etc.

One of the very first pyrotechnics misfired and lit up the whole barge and it sank.

so much for that!

Ali said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone. Mr Gnome, big jim mcdonald in coronation street! Steves Belfast da!! He always used 'so I do' so he did :-)

grace said...

Thanks for playing, sorry about being down with a cold!

The Church Lady said...

I sure hope you are feeling better today! I cliked your link about Ireland's July 12. Thanks for the interesting info!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Okay, so you should come visit us next July 4th for a REAL celebration! Should you get a cold again, I'll be your personal nurse. We have a lovely guest room, and the game room outfitted like an Irish pub -- you'll feel right at home. We also know where all the best Irish sessions are around here -- sometimes right here when folks come over for a house session!

Ali said...

Great mama, I'll bring my bodhran!