Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tomorrow's the day

It has finally arrived. The intensive training programme ... never really got off the ground, but I did spend this afternoon lying in the garden 'acclimatising' to the current weather conditions.

My friend Etta and I spent some time on Google earth today hunting out a tree near the finishing line that was big enough for us to hide behind and then just jump and dander over the line when the first 'racers' came past, but conscience (eventually) got the better of us. That and the fact we didn't actually know where the finishing line is going to be ...

This has completely knocked my socks off: I have managed to raise £174.00 for Cancer Research UK plus a bit more with the 'fleece the Government' thingy and some cash donations.

I am totally, totally blown away, this has outdone ANY expectation I had, all I can say is a big, genuine thankyou to you all for your support, monetary donations and prayers for sunshine :-)

(sad to report, nobody has, as yet, donated any chocolate)

cheers all


Anonymous said...

all best wishes for tomorrow ali

Nancy Mon said...

Go Ali Go! Run well my friend.