Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I think that when you meet someone for the first time under a 20 foot high Freddy Mercury that's a sign it's you're going to have a mad time.

'Well,' says Judy after a few minutes confusion and a phonecall to get us both to the same tube exit at the same time, 'you know London better than me - you'd better show me around.' LOL! What a start!

And so, as we tramped down Oxford Street, we fell into conversation as if we'd been meeting each other for lunch for years.

Judy takes me to the local Internet cafe

We had such a laugh I couldn't possibly start to go into it all here, but a personal highlight of the afternoon, in particular for those sitting around us in Starbucks at the time, had to be when we both rolled up our trousers to the knee and compared varicose veins and dodgy ankles, as you do!

And, if you ever have the opportunity to meet Judy, ask to see her moonwalk. Extraordinary, and that's just the facial expressions!

After a great afternoons craic, Judy had to rush off to realign her garden lights to simulate the runway at Stansted in the hope O'Bama's plane would land in her back garden. As you do.


Judith said...

delightful!!! what a photo hahaha

I've had Mr Pluto leaving a comment on my site asking if I've recovered from meeting you - well quite honestly NO - lol

I'm just off to text my brother cos I've heard that there is rioting outside the Bank Of England and to make sure he hasn't been strung up to the nearest lampost!! take care, Judyx

Judith said...

Have a good day teaching Art!! have an award for you on my post. Judyx