Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Race for Life

Can I start by saying that although the title of this fundraiser is 'Race for Life' I will absolutely not be moving any faster than a dander*. That sorts out any Trade Description issues up front.

Please feel free to dig deep or alternatively, chuck in a couple of quid. Any money raised means Cancer Research UK can work at preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer, and that's a very worthy cause, even if watching me walk 5 km on two dodgy ankles isn't!

If you know me online, maybe you'd like to sponsor me online – it’s quick, easy enough for even me to understand and totally secure. Just click on the sponsor me button thing over there -->

If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid box when donating so that an extra 25%, plus a 3% supplement, can be added to your gift at no cost to you. That means your £2 becomes £2.57 or something like that; maths was never a strong point.

Anyway, what's important about Gift Aid is that we get a chance to fleece the government together !

Thanks in advance for any monetary donations. Chocolate donations are also welcome, but no training advice please. Feel free to pop along and watch the event ... feel free to bring an oxygen tank with you if you do.
*dander, leisurely stroll: 'John's just gone out for a wee bit of a dander.'


Judith said...

well done you..and we certainly want lots of pics!!!! Judyx

Wils said...

and pics Judith shall have ... I'll take them. There will be lots of shots of wobbly bums because I'll be the one behind everybody else.

Nancy Mon said...

Thanks for the dander definition. Over here dander is something you can be allergic to. Well, come to think of it, some people are allergic to a stroll.