Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Rarely is a victory so sweet as when we beat the English. Sorry if you are English and you are reading this, but when it comes to sport, we just don't like you.

Which is why even I got excited on 7 Sep 2005 when David Healy's goal gave Northern Ireland an amazing, unexpected victory in the football World Cup qualifier against England.

This weekends 14-13 victory over England in the Six Nations was sweet indeed. Sweeter still as it was against a team coached by the man who infamously refused to move for Irish President Mary McAleese before the Ireland v England Rugby game in Lansdowne in 2003.

Well, slap that up ya big lad :-)


Judith said...

No Comment!!! LOL

Ali said...

I know - such an ungracious post! It's not all English we don't like, just their sports teams. But lets face it, even Austin Healy doesn't like your current rugby team ... and that's saying something!!!