Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

When they were four, my children had to write little bits for the inside of Mothers Day cards they made at school. This is what my pair had to say about me ...
My mum's name is Alison. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are green. My mum has curly hair. My mum likes to have a bath. Me and Michael keep mum busy. I love mum because she is beautiful.
My mum's name is Alison. She has blue eyes and yellow and brown hair and sometimes curly hair. My mum works in a school. My mum bosses Graham around. I love my mum because she hugs and kisses me.
My name is Alison. I actually have grey eyes and blonde (out of a bottle) hair with lots of grey bits. I do work in a school, I do like to have baths and I do boss Graham around. Still.

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