Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did you hear the one about the Irish woman

trying to cross the road in Houston?

Everythng is bigger in Texas, even the roads. Yesterday I had occasion to cross a minor seven lane road to get to the shops. An absolute necessity!
So I pushed the button and waited for the green man, but here he is white. Interesting point - is the green man only green in Ireland??

So I am waiting and waiting because I don't want to be caught jaywalking and sent to jail as I think they might have the death penalty here. Eventually the white man appears and I start to walk. I get to the end of the second of, don't forget seven lanes of traffic, and the white man disappears and the big red hand starts flashing at me.

I stop dead. Panic!! What do I do? Do I turn back to where I started, or do I keep going in my original direction? Peopel in their cars are looking at me oddly and I know it's not because I'm wearing my St Patrick's Day bloopers. SO I make a snap decision to continue to the other side ... and run like hell!

I'm safe mum, all those posts Nancy's about to make about visiting me in hospital - they're not true!


Anonymous said...

I always knew you should not be allowed out unaccompanied!!

Thought you would want to know that Methody won the Schools Cup Final.

Just got the copy of the Afternoon Tea reservation for the Burj! We are in shock at what you paid for this. Especially as you booked the INDULGENT version!!
Love you, see you soon

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is the funniest thing! Of course, it was funnier hearing you tell this story (with all the animation) in person! :D

Thank you SO MUCH for the goodie bag, girl! I can hardly wait to start tasting everything! :D

Jewel said...

You're safe to come to Australia, I can assure you the green man is green in Australia.

Pluto said...

I can't wait to see the clip on You Tube!

Teri said...


Also totally cracked up about the "Houston" post (March 16)... never considered the TV commercials would be different over here than other countries. Did you catch the commercial promoting the medicine for guys with erectile dysfunction? Talk about awkward!!!

Hope you do get to experience some Texas sunshine and warm weather!