Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Near miss

There are two airports in Belfast, Belfast City, which is about 20 mins from my house, and Belfast International - don't be fooled, it's nowhere near the city and takes about an hour to get to.

Tomorrow Dolly and I head to Paris for the weekend. We are all organised and I did on-line check-in so we could just arrive at the City airport and walk through to the gate. That means that for our 11:30 am flight, we only have to leave the house at 10:15 or 10:30am. Sorted!

Until my husband (who is in the South of France skiing at the moment) phoned tonight because his mates insisted he did. They insisted because it suddenly struck one of them that Aer Lingus didn't fly from Belfast City Airport.

And actually, it turns out that they don't. So if I had arrived, as planned, at the City Airport at 10:45am for a flight leaving the International Airport at 11:30am ... well ...

My mother has started a 24hr prayer vigil for our safe return, and we haven't even gone yet!


Judith said...

oH MY - well I hope you've both made and have a wonderful weekend. Judyx

Wils said...

Are you absolutely sure it's air fungus you're flying with? You told me BMI!

Tell H I'll join her in prayer!

If you ever get there, have a good time - somehow it feels safer that dolly is there to keep an eye on you ;o)

Anonymous said...


I thought that the lady known affectionally as Dolly had indicated that she didn't want you call her by that name any more, and now preferred to be called by her real name!!

Wils said...

oooh!!!! clarification required.... if Dolly isn't Dolly then we need to know - can't have anyone's feelings hurt!!!

Vive la revolution!

Pluto said...

Ali, I am resisting the temptation to make any sort of comment about you going to the wrong airport!