Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey Brigitte

How's your foot? :-)


Anonymous said...

Hallo Ali, my toe is ok, thank you! Now after 3 and a half weeks school I have a horrible cold and nearly no voice left; but we will have a week off (is this a correct sentence?) and I'll go skiing with my husband and my younger daughter. She is 21, but likes to spend her holidays with us (maybe because we pay them :-)?).
What does "lol" mean?
Greetings Brigitte

Ali said...

The joys of being a teacher - you catch every disease going!

I think the theory of why your daughter goes on holiday with you might be pretty accurate :-) Where do you go to ski?

lol means 'laugh out loud' or it can mean 'lots of love' too I think.

Keep well!