Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ever nipped to the shops after a hard day at the office, feeling a bit cold, maybe even peckish, and spent an absolute fortune on confectionary?

Just half an hour ago!

Tonight I discovered, in the sweets and chocolate aisle (which was the only aisle I visited apart from the toilet roll aisle - which was my main reason for making the journey in the first place) that Green & Blacks organic chocolate manufacturers have two new flavours out for Christmas (which, thanks to Judy's countdown, I can tell you is only 41 days away).

So I sit here before you, munching on Green & Blacks dark and gingerbread chocolate and humming Christmas carols. Yes, it actually makes you do that!

Thankyou Tescos for making that 2 for £5 this week. I'll be back.


judysteapot said...

hahaha - well shall I cheer you up even more and say that my Christmas tree and decor are up!! happy munching :)

Ali said...

Please, tell me it's not true!

judysteapot said...

it is, it is, it is, so it is :)

jingle bells, jingle bells lalalalalalalala etc etc etc

Ali said...

I demand photographic evidence!

misformisanthrope said...

I spotted this while reading your Fun Monday. Your post reminded me - there is nothing I love more than Cadbury's chocolate, made in Ireland or the UK. When we lived in Dublin, we could run down to the newsagents anytime and get all the Flakes and Twirls we wanted. We do have Cadbury's here in the US, but it is made in the USA and let me tell is HORRIBLE. If I want the "real" Irish or British-made stuff, I have to go to an exotic food store :-( *sigh*