Friday, October 10, 2008

How was it for you?

Goodness, I've had one of the most stressful World Mental Health days ever!

First of all, work was manic. Suffice to say there'll be a full moon tonight, and anyone who teaches knows exactly what I mean by that!

Second of all, my beloved motor mini mouse conked out not 2 minutes away from work ... on the way home. So I did what all sensible, mature, grown woman do in that situation and sent for my dad.

Third of all, while I was sitting in the car, in the rain, hazard lights flashing, waiting for Dad to arrive I was approached by a policeman. Now, maybe I'm a product of my Belfast upbringing, but I still get a tad nervous everytime I am approached by the police.

It's not so much a fear that they will caution or even section me, but more that someone taking a pot-shot at them will miss and get me instead! Anyway, I was reduced to a quivering wreck and was actually heard to utter the word 'ossifer' during our brief exchange of words.

To cap it all, tonight I took the Dolly shopping for clothes. And I have noone to blame but myself for that one.

Mais, je suis heureuse parce que les hommes du Stade Francais a Paris sont ici demain. Ohhhh la la!

In the meantime, I'm off to bed with a good book and a mug of tea. Bon soir!


Anonymous said...

What a pity you went to bed early you missed Jimeoin on BBC2 - you could have done with a good laugh after today!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious he was Scuba diving with sharks! (and of course talking about picking his nose)

Ali said...

Damn and blast it!

Wils said...

Never mind your mental health, my spiritual health in trouble with some of those photos of the team.... you seriously telling me you're there for the rugby!?

Ali said...

every other week, yes. I make an exception for Stade though ;-)