Sunday, September 28, 2008

A volunteer is worth a hundred conscripts

Most teachers spend their entire teaching careers trying to avoid being inspected. And who could blame them? I've had my fair share of inspections and they can be pretty stressful events.

It just so happens that one of 'my schools' is having an inspection this week. Lo and behold, I got 'the call', and yes - tomorrow I am voluntarily walking straight into the lions den!

May the good Lord have wired their jaws shut ... a la Daniel.


Anonymous said...

Whose jaws do you mean - Inspectors or pupils - or perhaps both!! Sock it to them Ali you can do it.

A very biased anonymous

Dana said...

So, how did it go? I'm quite sure you passed with an "A"!

Ali said...

Well, here's the thing ... subs aren't supposed to be seen (unwritten law). So imagine my complete and utter surprise and devastation to be seen, not once, but twice. And twice inside an hour!

I think the most telling moment was when the reporting inspector asked me had I ever taught in the school before. Um, yeah! I practically live here ....

I told them I learnt all I know from Pluto though ... Pluts ... expect a visit very soon

Dana said...

Psst, Ali, telling them you learned from Pluto might explain so many visits! Just saying...didn't he burn the school down or something?

Hi Pluto! :)