Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoe Day

This is the day, generally in August, when we buy the new shoes required by the children for the incoming years activities. This includes:
  1. school shoes x2
  2. gym shoes x2
  3. rugby boots x2
  4. Irish dance shoes x1

Today was shoe day. The total bill for shoes this year came to £209.97. Or two days work.


judysteapot said...

ouch - thankfully Karl is now working so can buy his own shoes!!
Whilst on holiday we went and saw Magic of the Dance which was brilliant - all the dancing wow

next weeks Fun Monday is being hosted at scroll down the page to the Fun Monday link and follow the instructions - Judyx

Dana said...

Oh I feel your has begun and it is never, ever cheap.

I must say though, the food bill for the summer was much more expensive! :)

judysteapot said...

Hi Ali - no problem LOL hope you had a good weekend, lots of love Judyx

St said...

Go on, buy yourself some shoes. They'll make you happy.