Sunday, August 10, 2008

Could you please remove your belt

Yesterday I had opportunity to fly to Glasgow for the day. I love flying, but I have to say I find the hoops I increasingly have to jump through for security reasons quite irksome. Especially as there does not appear to be consistency between airports or even between visits to the same airport!

For example, yesterday on my return journey from Glasgow nobody anywhere near security asked me did I have any liquids in my handbag, checked to see if I had any liquids in my handbag or offered me a clear plastic ziplock bag to put any liquids I might have had in my handbag into!

Whereas in Belfast on the way out a couple of passengers were removed from the security queue because they were putting their liquids into said clear ziplock plastic bag whist waiting in the queue. Indeed, great show was made of the fact that this had to be done before you got anywhere near the back of the security queue.

Also, at security in Belfast I had to take my shoes off and put them through the x-ray machine. It's not three weeks since I last passed through the same airport enroute to Crete, and nobody had to remove as much as a shoe on that occasion. Explain?

The defining moment came, however, when I was asked to remove the belt from my trousers. I was wearing a pair of baggy style jeans which fitted perfectly when I bought them about a year ago, but something has happened to me in that year and I have become narrower. (This I am actually able to prove through another experience I had in John Lewis yesterday where I discovered I had lost 2 inches off the width of my back)

As soon as I removed the belt, the jeans started to slip. So I'm manfully holding onto a handful of waistband with one hand whilst putting my stuff on the x-ray machine with the other and sliding about in sock soles. And then I have to walk through the x-ray machine and of course be searched, which required me to put my arms out. Both of them at once.

Now, I know it's trendy for boarders to wear their waistbands halfway down their arse, but I'm a 'something' year old woman, and I don't believe the staff and passengers at Belfast International deserved to see such a dazzling display of my M&S (bought before the tit tax) undies so early on a Saturday morning.

Though there's a part of me that says serves them right!


judysteapot said...

oh I laughed at your blog - when we lived in Lisburn and I had to travel by plane wearing my SA uniform and it was bonnets in those days - I was often asked to remove my bonnet so that it could be scanned well that's OK but I used to wear haircurlers underneath to keep it straight and to stop it moving from side to side!!

Glad you like my newsite and thanks for adding a link. I saw Fun Monday on someone's site as I was browsing and asked the person that was hosting it that week if I could join. All you have to do is let the host of that week know that you will be blogging and in your blog give a link back to the host. I will let you know whose hosting next weeks :)

Ali said...

ROFL! Judy, that is just hilarious!

Wils said...

oh lol.... oh raflol... Oh I needed this... the tit tax... oh lol.....

Pluto said...

Attention all bloggers! I am doing my best to get the CCTV footage of Ali's jeans moment!