Monday, July 28, 2008

An obtuse moment at the pool today

And, no, unfortunately it has nothing to do with free massages.

We have elected this week to sun worship at the 'party' pool. In other words at the pool where they play music all day. The main reasons for this are because

  1. it has a snackbar at it, handy for kids with the munchies
  2. they have organised pool activities for kids throughout the day
  3. therefore plenty of other kids to keep kids occupied

To be fair, the music is fairly mellow, and not that loud. However today an odd thing happened.

As I was lying sizzling in the sun, I became aware that people were starting to sit up on their sunbeds or had stopped reading their books. Then a sort of eerie silence seemed to descend on the area as it was obvious people were straining to hear the music currently being played at the poolside.

Next people were asking the people beside them for confirmation of what they thought they might be hearing. And then there were looks of amazement and the laughing started.

Eventually, the pool had come to a standstill and some sunbathers had started singing along. The song? Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas!

Well, it is only 5 months away ...

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