Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 'great' British weather

If Noah was alive and well and living in Belfast, he'd have started building another ark by now. And I'd have been helping him.

Apart from one days glorious respite yesterday, when, even though the forecast was for rain, the sun shone all day, it has rained here for 7 days and nights continuously.

And the weather for the next 5 days is no better; heavy rain today, light rain tomorrow, light rain on Monday, heavy rain on Tuesday and heavy rain on Wednesday.

Of course, you know why this is, don't you. Yep, we've been talking about going camping ....


Dana said...

Maybe we should put camping on the itinerary then because we've not had a significant drop in our neck of the woods in weeks...It usually blows right by us, just across the freeway in fact.

And I love a good rain storm.

St said...

No, it's because I've got a soft top car now.