Monday, July 21, 2008

Glitter, glitter everywhere

My daughter made me a card today, a beautiful card smothered in red glitter, and I am delighted with it.

Even though the rest of the house seems to be smothered in red glitter now too.

What apparently happened was that she opened the glitter tube the wrong way, and as a result the contents (entire) of the tube spilt out onto her plastic mat. Good girl - you remembered to use your plastic mat! Some missed the mat however and went on the carpet.

She tried to scoop the glitter back into the tube off the mat, but that wouldn't work, so between them they worked out that if they folded the mat, they could pour the glitter back into the tube. Even better, they thought they should do this over the bathroom sink. Good thinking kids, you've got the right idea. Result; glitter sprinkled from bedroom to bathroom.

They managed to get some of the glitter back into the tube (half approximately), some down the sink which was 'wiped away' with not one but two facecloths and the rest remaining stuck to the mat, which was walked downstairs to be brushed. Result; glitter upstairs and downstairs.

Hoover was then deployed to suck up glitter from carpet, but seems to have as much stuck to the outside of it as it sucked up, and two pairs of little feet are trampling glitter everywhere they go as I type.

But, I absolutely love my card :-)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful that your children have added so much sparkle to your life!!
Keep smiling, tomorrow you go on holiday.

Anonymous said...

Why does your blog not register my comment? Have you put a block on me - surely not!

Dana said...

Well I have to tell you I am still finding green glitter from a fabulous St. Patty's day package I received some 3 or 4 months back....

It's amazing where it shows up too.