Friday, June 13, 2008

Oui, we Wii

As of yesterday we are the stiff and sore owners of a Wii.

A combined late birthday / early Fathers day present, it has gone down a whole lot better than the usual pairs of socks and latest autobiography of any of the stars of Top Gear.

That is until this morning, when the grumpy one had to be physically man-handled out of bed due to the stiffness he was experiencing in his laterally un-used muscles! Mind you, I have scored massive brownie points with the kids :-)


KELLY said...

Be careful that you guys don't get an "injuwii" (injury)! lol

What fun...that is on my list for Christmas this year....had to get the Coach purse first! :)

Dana said...

Wii just bought one for our daughter. It was a graduation/birthday gift. She did so well in school this year, we Wiiwarded her. Ha! Wii love it!

I want to get the Wii Fit. Looks cool.