Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well, 'oil' be damned!

You can tell what state my brain is in by the contents of my trolley in Tescos. Today I spent £97 on groceries and seem to have only come home with sweets, chocolate bars, cream cakes, biscuits, crisps, more chocolate bars, coco pops, another box of coco pops, a WWE wrestling belt, toaster waffles and chocolate. No other food groups represented in that trolley and not a one of the five portions of fruit or vegetables we're meant to eat a day.

Ah well, the kids are happy. They're flying round the ceiling as I type, but they're happy.

I think part of the problem in the shop was that I was a little distracted by the fact that I had to pay £575 (that's about $1000) for 900 litres of heating oil this week. As a result I have come to the conclusion that subconsciously I am obviously trying to build up my family's sub-cutaneous fatty layer in preparation for an oil-free winter.

By the way, that £575 of oil isn't even enough to fill my tank as it holds 1200 litres, and it might, might just see us to the end of the summer because although in theory we have months here that we call summer, the practice is actually very different. I for one wish global warming would hurry up a bit so I didn't have to buy so much heating oil.


Rose said...

I hear you on the hurry up w/global warming...we figure we can stay right in Tewksbury and have that waterfront "Bobbin on the Ocean" home if we can just get that sea level to rise sooner than later!

Ali said...

LOL, Bobbin IN the Ocean more like!

Dana said...

Sounds like I need to move to Ireland. We begin summer in March and don't end it until October/November.

The highs have been in the 90's and the lows in the high 70's.

It's just May.


I feel you on the oil pain though. Gas is outrageous.