Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 random things about me

Wallace at Irish Rain encouraged me to try this after I made comment on his list on his blog. It is not as easy as it looks. It has taken days! So here it is, not in any particular order, my list:

  1. politics bore me rigid
  2. I am jealous of my daughter's eyelashes and my son's hair colour
  3. summer and Christmas are my favourite times of year
  4. I can be a bit of a tidy freak
  5. as a rule, I don't vomit
  6. I have a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  7. my hair is probably officially grey
  8. I play the bodhran
  9. sand is better than snow in my opinion
  10. I have fired a gun, I'm a pretty good shot
  11. my only piercings are in my ears
  12. gardening is not my thing
  13. I want to visit the islands of the South Pacific, all of them
  14. don't ask me to get on a horse ever again
  15. I am not a morning person
  16. my cup's generally half full
  17. I hate feet
  18. geocaching is my current 'sport' of choice
  19. I went to school with Ian Paisley Jnr
  20. the first car I had was an old mini
  21. my mum does my ironing
  22. I had half my hair cut off once for a show. The left half.
  23. every plant I touch dies
  24. I know how to get incriminating photos of Pluto
  25. quilting, cake decorating and scrapbooking have all been hobbies
  26. if I had one wish it would be to die before my children
  27. my hair is 100% naturally curly
  28. thanks to Jaws, I'm scared of fish
  29. if you need a wall plastered, I'm your girl!
  30. the only sport I watch is rugby
  31. I have eaten rat
  32. David Soul was my hero even before I met him in a hotel lift in Dublin
  33. I could eat Turkish Delight all day, and sometimes do
  34. when I can, I buy Fairtrade
  35. organisation is my strong point
  36. coffee goes straight through me
  37. my sister-in-law turned me into a Desperate Housewives addict
  38. I have never had a ticket or points on my license
  39. The Beatles, The Who and The Stones - no thanks
  40. I taught English in Poland
  41. the tonsils are gone, but the appendix is still there
  42. I am terrified of heights
  43. baking and cooking over cleaning any day
  44. my current ringtone is Girl from Belfast City
  45. I honestly do like camping
  46. Ben & Jerry's phish food is the best icecream in the world
  47. I've never broken a limb
  48. the best book I ever read was Brian Keenan's An Evil Cradling
  49. given a chance, I'd spend all my money on holidays
  50. I won a prize every year at school
  51. Cancer Research is my charity of choice
  52. I have a wee job that nobody knows about
  53. Songs of Praise rejected me
  54. anaesthetics don't agree with me
  55. I lived in a mud hut in Africa for a while
  56. my home was wrecked in an IRA bomb
  57. crisps are my weakness
  58. I wear a lot of black
  59. for a year I paid money to a gym, but I never went
  60. I've worked in a pharmacy
  61. once I was Brethren, now I'm non-denominational
  62. filling in forms drives me nuts
  63. I have travelled pretty extensively
  64. purple is my favourite colour
  65. I worked alongside UNHCR in Croatia during the Balkan war
  66. Martini with lemonade is my tipple
  67. I have osteoarthritis
  68. my 1st teaching job should have been in the Bahamas, but I turned it down
  69. best concert I attended was the Eagles, Dublin 1996
  70. I hate, hate, hate football
  71. Top Gear makes me laugh out loud
  72. I have been to several garden parties at Buckingham Palace
  73. sometimes I write for a satirical website
  74. I can waterski
  75. secretly, I've always wanted a go at being an air hostess
  76. Auschwitz-Birkenau is the most moving place I have ever visited
  77. I have had a mental illness
  78. I always leave the coconut ones in liquorice allsorts
  79. freesia are my favourite flower
  80. we had kids from Chernobyl stay with us for re-hab
  81. I'd rather be rich than famous
  82. my pet peeve is finding used teabags in the sink
  83. you can't beat Karen Carpenter's voice, or Michael Buble's, or Bryan Adams ...
  84. scrabble and yahtzee are my games of choice
  85. I once bought my husband half a grave for Christmas. He bought me the other half
  86. I'm in a book club
  87. I don't do sleep deprivation
  88. what's a screwdriver? what's a hammer?
  89. benefit makeup works miracles
  90. I have a head like a sieve
  91. my perfect pizza is mushroom and pineapple
  92. I love the smell of honeysuckle, suntan lotion and fresh cut grass
  93. culturally, more Irish than British
  94. I generally only swear when I'm watching rugby
  95. my old art teacher begged me not to do 'O' level Art
  96. apparently, I always order the pasta
  97. I support a child in Kenya through Tear Fund
  98. shhhh, I'm not supposed to tell you this; I was a Samaritan
  99. unfortunately I know all the words to High School Musical
  100. I've just discovered I don't like writing lists


Anonymous said...

What a pity you didn't say that you are a fantastic Mum, wife, sister, auntie and daughter.

Nancy Mon said...

Football? American or soccer?

Ali said...

Soccer nancy, I don't know enough about American Football to know if I hate it!

Dana said...

1. Amen
5. How do you keep from if you are sick?
8. COOL!!!
24. Let's see.
31. WHY!?!?!?!
39. Sadness.
42. Me too!
52. Do tell.
56. WOW!
60. Me too!
69. COOL!!!
70. Why?
99. Me too!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Ali said...


5. sheer will power, determination and mind over matter!

31. Rat stew was regularly served for dinner in Africa. Of course, the first time, I didn't know what the meat was. I adopted temporary vegetarian status after that

52. Can't! It's a secret

70. It's over-hyped; players here get too much money, too much kudos and get much more respect than many of them deserve. And they roll around the ground like babies if someone touches them. And they just aren't built like rugby players ;-)

Wallace said...

Hey! Fair play to you for doing the list!

5 - This is a good rule to have!

17 - any particular reason?

22 - wow! that must have been an important show!

72 - that is cool! meet the queen?

99 - So sorry!

Pluto said...

No. 52. I have a few ideas what it is, however, if you don't let me in on the secret I am going to start spreading the more outrageous ones! (You have my email address so I'm waiting)

Ali said...

Ah Pluto, give over and go set fire to your school .....

..... again!

Don't forget, I'm the one who can get incriminating pics :-)

Pluto said...

I wondered where those photos went.

St said...

Wow. Great list. Took ages to read as I kept getting distracted when I'd either done that or wished I'd done that or couldn't imagine doing that. I love lists.

Weird moment. I'm listening to Wild Mood Swings by The Cure. On the track 'Treasure' I could hear a low-range harmony I hadn't noticed before. Then I realised I had the sound on (low) on the computer and it was the tune from your website.

KELLY said...

OMG, girl....I am not sure I could make a list like that in less than a month!

BTW, since you now have at least 3 blogging buddies in the same city (heck, we all work at the same place)...time for a visit, don't ya think? :)

Ali said...


17. I have no idea, I can't bear touching them - mine or anyone elses ... or having them touched ... yuck! (although, I wear a toe-ring, go figure?!!)

22. Not impportnat enough, but one of lifes experiences

72. No, the 'Duke' and Prince Edward many tmes, but never the Queen

BTW, I'm going to link to your site, everyone should have a look at your fabulous photos


I challenge you ..... :->


It's on my list. No more cold America for me. And what with my next door neighbours moving to Texas in June ....

Cosmo said...

Sorry to take so long to join in...

Great list and fascinating insights!

8 - One of these days I'm going to pick one up too. (yeah, one of these days, lots of things..)

36 - Sorry.

52 - Is this in anyway connected to 73? (If not, what's the link?)

56 - Wow!

70 - Yeah, I used to support Arsenal, but I can't see any justification now for the amount of money that is paid to kick a ball around - especially in the light of needs like 97.

92 - All at the same time?

Good stuff!

Ali said...

Cosmo, better late than never I always say :-)

52. absolutely no link between 52 and 73, sorry!

56. I should blog that one sometime

92. all at the one time would be one cracking day!! Never in Ireland though

Cosmo said...

Yeah, please blog about 56 sometime. That would be quite a story.

jsi said...

Very cool - exceptinal!
What is a bodhran?
Who is Ian Paisley Jr?
What bet did you lose to have to eat rat?
Do you play Scrabulous on Facebook? Look me up, Jessie Irwin in Alliance OH and I'l Scrablous with you. I've got 9 active games going right now, with people all over the US. You stop by for 5 minutes a day, place your tiles and drop by hours later for another play.

Ali said...


A bodhran is a round Irish handheld drum, if you've ever seen traditional Irish music played you'll no doubt have seen one.

Ian Paisley Jnr is the son of the Rev Ian Paisley, church leader and one of our most notorious politicians here.

I'm befriending you on facebook as we speak ...