Thursday, March 13, 2008

My three greatest 'Irish' moments: in 2nd place

In March 2003 the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment were preparing to move into Iraq from Fort Blair Mayne desert camp, 20 miles from the Iraqi border.

Before they went, their commanding officer, Belfast man Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins, gathered them round in the compound and gave this off the cuff pep talk.

Amazing words.

Having heard it reported back in Britain by a journalist from the Mail on Sunday who was shadowing the regiment, the colonel's speech won high praise in a personal letter from Prince Charles, while President George W Bush is understood to have requested a copy for the wall of the Oval Office.

If you get the chance, and feel that way inclined, I recommend you read Collins' book Rules of Engagement for an honest, gritty insight to the war in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

There is now a film about this with Kenneth Branagh (another famous Ulster man) in the role of Tim Collins - should be worth seeing. By the way I thought it was President Bush who had this speech on his wall, perhaps they are only 2 among many!

Ali said...

Do you know Anonymous, I didn't know this! Thanks for the tip-off, will have to tune in for that.

Look at the similarities:

As for who has the speech on their wall, it could be Dubya - some might say it SHOULD be Dubya!

Ali said...

... and in fact - it IS Dubya! Ammendment made as appropriate.

Nancy Mon said...

Hey Ali,
Got your St Patricks Day card. I need to take it down to Kelly so she can enjoy it too. Thanks for doing that. It was a nice surprise in a very busy week. Hope you enjoy the East coast of the states. Wish you were coming a little closer to Texas.

Ali said...

Nancy, glad it got there in time :-) hope the same can be said for dana's parcel :-s

Nancy Mon said...

Dana got her parcel.

She was quite excited.

Millie and I were depressed. :)

Ali said...

I just heard from Dana that the parcel had arrived :-)

She didn't tell me about the outbreak of depression. I'll send some of my redundant prozac to all losers next time!

Have a great St Paddys Day