Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I went to bed last night and winter was howling round the eaves of the house, I woke up this morning and it was spring!

Birds are singing, crocuses have pushed their heads above the ground, buds are bursting and children are playing out in the street.

In fact, so mild is it today that I went to watch the mini-rugby this morning in just a jumper!

(and Pluto, before you say it, of course I was wearing more than just my jumper - what I mean is not wearing my usual gortex coat!)


Nancy Mon said...

It feels like spring in Houston as well. I had the top down on the car yesterday as I ran errands. Of course warm weather made me look to my toes to see they are not in spring shape. So off for a pedi next week.

Ali said...

Oh Nanacy, I hate feet, especially mine. It's not a pedi I need to improve them, it's total reconstructive surgery!

Dana said...

Nancy said it, Houston is warm and the plants and birds are confused. Supposedly the ground hog saw his shadow and we are to have 6 more weeks of cold winter.

That never means a thing in Houston.