Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's snowing!


Ali said...

Severe weather warning just issued for Northern Ireland: The Met office say we are to expect 3-8cm of snowfall overnight.

(you Americans will be laughing your socks off at that!)

Theres already a good 2-3 inches on the branches outside my window here. Brilliant timing, the kids new ski gear arrived this week :-)

Ali said...

7 inches out there this morning and the city has ground to a halt. Gridlock as a result of jack-knived lorries and abandoned motors.

Been shovelling snow since 6.30am, our hill is still treacherous so have abandoned any hope of getting to work today.

St said...

Enjoy playing and hopem it's in safety. Ta for the feedjit link. Have installed. It's the first gismo that meets my desire to know who is reading without needing to count traffic.

Nancy Mon said...

Hi Ali,
I am doing the live traffic feed like you. I think it will be fun to watch.

I am reading a book called Dear James. Some of it takes place in Ireland and I think of y'all. Well except it is about a priest, but the land and cities is what reminds me of y'all.

Ali said...

The feedjit thing is interesting and gives a bit of a differnt angle to the sitemeter thing.

Nancy, I hope you are reading your book with an Irish accent!

Dana said...

This American won't be laughing her socks off at you...I envy you. I love the snow. In Houston we would have the same reaction if we had snow. So, again, no laughing this far south.

Stay warm!