Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bloggers Block

I'm not often stuck for words, and my life is such that there are usually blog-worthy events occuring, but at the minute I'm suffering a bit from bloggers block. But as tonight I had my 3000th hit, I thought I really ought to blog about something.

Just on the note of the 3000th hit - hello mum! She reads my blog three times a day (this I know by the power of Sitemeter) even when she knows I'm at work and can't update. And for the record, if you're listed over there on the right, she reads your blog at least three times a day too. She also frequently instigates conversations about you all! So, just so you all don't feel it's a bit one way, let me tell you a great story about my mum.

Many years ago we went on a family skiing holiday (I know, you can tell already that there's going to be a disaster involved here). Before we set off, mum and dad took us to the artificial slope and we all had some lessons. Picture the scene; the class of about 8-10 beginners all lined up along the side of the slope, each in turn stepping out and starting down the hill doing snowplough turns.

And then it was mums turn. She started off fine, but she was a bit 'all snowplough and no turn' with the result that she skiied into the line of waiting beginners on the side of the slope, knocking them all down like dominoes. Every single last one.

Not content with that, just before she skiied off the side of the slope onto the grass, she pulled off the most phenomenal snowplough that pulled her right back onto the slope, straight into the path of the student who had set off before her, knocking him down too. If I remember correctly, Dad got a broken finger out of the whole incident.

Most people would have given up after that, not my mum. I remember standing at the bottom of the slope later that night and overhearing two Mummies (who were watching their kids, also in our ski class) saying 'Look, here comes that woman in the green hat again.' In fact, punters were coming out of the clubhouse with their beers to spectate!

Turns out my hubby (I didn't know him then) was teaching at the same ski-slope at that time, although not on that night, and even HE got to hear of the 'woman in the green hat'! Imagine the pride he must have felt so many years later to be able to tell his coaching colleagues that HE was marrying the daughter of the legendary 'woman in the green hat'. Though to be fair, she wore a brown hat to our wedding. The type you'd wear with a camel coat, but thats a whole new blog!

Bless you mum, now the blogging world knows where I get it from!


Anonymous said...

My hat wasn't green,I wouldn't be seen dead in a green hat!!!

Am I allowed to reciprocate with a few stories of my own? - I have a wealth of them to share so beware -you have been warned!
Love you in spite of the tales

Dana said...

Ali's Mum,
Tell us some Ali stories, we would love to hear them!!

Ali, your mom, er, mum sounds as funny as you! Perhaps one day she will begin to blog and we will get to visit her 3 times a day!!!

Thanks for the smile in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep...


Dana said...

Oh and happy 3000th!!

Ali said...

Dana, don't you think I embarass myself enough on here without inviting my mum to contribute as well??! A girl has to retain some dignity!

Pluto said...

DIGNITY? I could tell some stories that would would make you wave goodbye to dignity! I don't know how you can be so awful to your mum - remember I know her.

Pluto said...

...oops! You could tell stories about me too.