Thursday, December 13, 2007

This year Christmas is sponsored by ...

... the Samaritans.

Truth to be told, I'm not so sure if I'm sponsoring them or they are sponsoring me - it's a pretty close call at the minute!

I like to send charity cards at Christmas, usually supporting the cancer charities, but this year (bearing in mind my recent mental health history) I thought I would shift allegiance to another very deserving cause. It helps that I used to be a volunteer with this charity and am very familiar with the excellent work they do and service they provide 24/7, 365.

However, I am annoyed. For a charity that works so hard to help people who feel under pressure I think they do a great dis-service to the paying customer by actually handing over their Christmas cards when you give them your money. I would consider it much more in keeping with their ethos to simply take your money and say 'sod the cards, it's much too stressful!'.

Had they adopted this attitude, I wouldn't have spent the last few nights writing cards and my entire morning off printing labels (which for some reason would only print one individual label at a time), sticking envelopes and getting paper cuts on the tongue. I wouldn't be following the ridiculous practice of writing, printing, sticking, licking, stamping and posting a card to the people who live ... NEXT DOOR.

Pluto, I am coming round to your way of thinking.

So, for the many of you who won't be getting a card from me this year, I have made a referral, sorry - donation to the Samaritans on your behalf. And I hope you all have a Happy, Healthy, Sane and STRESSFREE Christmas!


Pluto said...

My aim is for the WORLD to come round to my way of thinking!

Ali said...

Don't be disheartened, but I'm not of the opinion that World Domination is your ticket Pluto.

Dana said...

That is a great charity. One I should donate regularly to.

Whether you send us a card or not, I am glad to know you and hope you have a wonderful, stress-free Christ-filled Christmas yourself!