Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Ramblings

I know it's not all about the presents, but:

The best Christmas present idea I saw this year was my brother and sister-in-laws gift to Mum and Dad. They had transferred some old cine film of their wedding 42 odd years ago onto a DVD, complete with 60's music. Brilliant idea, and so cheap ... why didn't I think of that ;-)

The worst Christmas present idea had to be Dad's effort for Mum. I swear if my husband ever gives me a waffle maker and a box of yeast for Christmas, I'll hit him over the head with it. (I know you read this, consider it a warning!)

Surprise that got the best reaction had to be brother and sister-in-law again, this time referring to the look on my son's face when they told him they are having a baby in June.

Most environmentally sound gift was one I got today. A CD, the case of which was made completely from recycled, environmentally friendly materials. I was pretty impressed.

On the subject of the environment, I have been inspired to take my real Christmas tree (when it eventually dies) to the local council dump where it will be made into chippings, and to deliver all my received Christmas cards to Tesco, who do something equally ethical with them.

Of course, I do this out of guilt, to offset the carbon footprint created by the brandy butter we had with our Christmas pud this afternoon. My Dad, under strict instruction from Mum who had spotted it on the exclusive 'Williams - Sonoma' store website, brought it home from a recent trip to Kansas City, just to discover it had been shipped there from the manufacturers retail outlet in Norfolk, England.

Oh, and by the way, the answer to this little teaser; two Nintendo DS Lites, one pink (very important), one white. Our house has been so quiet today, I should have bought these years ago ;-)


Dana said...

They are blessings aren't they? (Video games)I will be glad to help you out next time! (that way I can be in on the secret as well)

Glad you had a merry Christmas!

Cosmo said...

Hey, don't knock the humble waffle maker. It was a gift of choice to several family members this year...and we had waffles for breakfast this morning made from one of those gifts - deliciuosly fresh, soft or crispy waffles, smothered with warm strawberries, pecan nuts, a generous amount of whipped cream and a river of maple syrup. Washed down with a large pot of strong coffee. So good I almost want to go and make some more right now. Yum...now who wants a waffle maker???

Happy 2008!

Ali said...

Cosmo, I have a birthday coming up within the next couple of weeks and although you have presented a very good arguement on behalf of the humble waffle-maker and your description is quite mouthwatering, I cannot let there be any doubt: